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Police Service Dogs For Sale

As Owner and Instructor of Little Rock K-9 Academy, I want to inform you about our products and services.  We have been training Police Service dogs since 1983.  We have a staff of (5) Certified Police Instructors with more than 80 years of combined experience.  We are the most committed Police Service Dog provider in Arkansas and the Mid-South.  We have the largest staff and the best customer service you will find as well.  We specialize in producing superb quality Police Patrol and Narcotic Detector Dogs and informative Police Service Dog Handler Courses.  For Police agencies that currently have Police Service Dog Handlers that hasn‘t received any formal handler training, we will train your K-9 Officers to be more proficient has dog handlers.  Each Handler is presented Patrol / Narcotic certification through the Arkansas State K-9 Standards and a National Certification upon completion of our Police Service Dog Handler Course.  –Tony Smith


We use Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds and Labradors Retrievers for our Police Service Dogs.  Our dogs will range in age from 1-3 years old. All our dogs are very social , with excellent temperaments, perform enthusiastically and have excellent working drives.  Our Patrol Dogs are trained in Obedience, Tracking,  Area / Building Search and Criminal Apprehension.  Our Narcotic Detector Dogs are trained to detect the odors of Marijuana, Cocaine, Crack, Heroin and Methamphetamines.  “Each of our dogs are tested for certification before they are ready to sell.” All our dogs have been exposed to training in Vehicles, Structures, Schools and they have been tested on slick floors.


We guarantee that our dogs are free of any medical or health problems.  All our dogs are on INTERCEPTOR heart-worm preventive.  Each of our dogs are Immunized, completely examined including X-rayed (hips and elbows) by our Vet and  professionally groomed by our in house Groomers the day of delivery.  If our dog develops any medical or health problems during the first 2 years and it is determined the problem existed at the time of delivery, the dog will be replaced FREE of charge!

We guarantee our dogs for 1 (one) year for handlers that comply with the required proficiency training. We suggest 4 hours of proficiency training per week. We will replace our dog within one year if the dog fails to work under the conditions that are consistent with the correct methods of proficiency training. The lack of proficiency training and obvious abusiveness toward the dog will void any and all guarantees.