At the conclusion of each of our handler's courses, our company as a whole, and each individual instructor is evaluated by each student.
Our goal is to use the feedback from students to continue to improve each course we conduct.
Here is sample of what our customers have to say about us

Handler Testimonials

“Me and my K-9 Partner (Niko) seized 505 pounds of meth. with a street value of 22.9 million dollars, on Thursday October 11, 2007, at approximately 1400 hours. The load of meth was in the rear of a tractor traler load of produce, mixed with the load. K-9 Niko was used to locate the load of meth. Niko alerted and indicated strongly. The DEA contacted us and advised us that our load of meth. is the largest load of meth. seized in the United States, and that includes the country’s ports. Pictures are available on the Desert Snow web-site. The very next day 12,000 dollars in U.S. currency was located and seized with the assistance of Niko’s alert and indication. Niko’s hard work and dedication to her job makes this criminal patrol job worth it’s wild. Just to give you an update. Since in service Niko has hit $12,000, $15,000, 50 pds, 10pds, 2 kilo’s, and 505 pds of meth. I’m going to competition with her in January, I’ll let you know the results. P.S. That’s right, I do love my dog & this job”
Trooper Jason St. Romain, Louisiana State Police
“My experience at Little Rock K-9 Academy was unbelievable. Due to the Cartel violence at the Mexico border, I chose to fly to my seminar instead of drive.
You all took care of my hotel accommodations and car rental. Because of Tony Smith’s notoriety, I received very nice discounts on both. The training experience was second to none. I look forward to my next visit.”
Enrique Gonzalez, Cikan Canines, Guadalajara, Mexico

“I attended a 2 week Handler’s Course at Little Rock K-9 Academy and I chose to stay in Little Rock over the weekend instead of making the long journey back home. On Saturday I experienced problems with my car over heating. Tony was able to arrange free towing for my car to a local repair shop. The Saturday service was prompt and the service was impeccable. My dog was outstanding and the rest of the training was awesome. This says a lot about the customer service at LR K-9, They never quit working for you!!!”
Officer Gabe Johnson, Clarksville, TN Police Department.
“My Department is purchasing 9 dogs from LR K9 Academy in groups of 3.

I was in the 2ND group and I’m EXTREMELY satisfied with my dog. It’s as if Tony knew exactly what dog was for me.

What impressed me the most was: 1. Multiple trainers with lots of knowledge and street experience. 2. NO down time, You guys ran our butts off day after day, all day.3. The best part–the different restaurants we went to each day were unique, the food and service was great.

I still haven’t figured out how each day at noon we walked right in the nicest and busiest restaurants in Little Rock and Tony had arranged immediate seating for 6-8 Handlers and 3-4 Instructors and received police discounts. WOW!!! “

Officer Doug Klinkhammer, Port Arthur, TX Police Department

“The training I received here is some of the best training I’ve received and I have been to a lot of different canine training schools. We are very pleased with the 2 dogs we previously purchased, I will submit a request to procure 4 more dogs from you guys. We have over 350 schools to search.”
Officer Richard Frankie, Houston,TX I.S.D. Police Department.
“The first thing that a Canine Handler should do before he comes to little Rock K-9 Academy is, forget everything he has ever been shown about working a dog. The methods and theories that you guys have really simplify the way to handle a police dog.”
Chief Paul Jasso, Santa Clara, New Mexico Police Department
“You guys are the best, You took care of the financing of my dog, the hotel accommodations while I was there in school and I got a very good dog. I enjoyed the variety of close training sites you guys had and you and all of your Instructors know their stuff and really have a great sense of humor.”
Officer John Lair, Alorton, IL Police Department

“Because of your strict acceptance policy for dogs, I had to wait 2 months before you guys found me the exact dog (looks, sex, size, drives & temperament) that I was looking for.

You guys got me exactly what I was looking for in a Narcotics & Tracking dog, I am 100% happy with “Max.” My dog is the most requested K-9 among Texas DPS and the Police Departments in my County.

My Sheriff has told me that when we purchase another K-9, It will definitely come from Little Rock K-9 Academy.”

Deputy Jimmy Gifford, Leon County, TX Sheriff's Department
“My Chief left it up to me to find the best place to buy a dog, I checked out a lot of places in Texas and Louisiana.

You guys invited me to a seminar that you were conducting, paid for my hotel room and showed me everything from your green dogs, narcotic dogs, dual purpose dogs and even some problem solving that led to some perfect canine certifications.

You guys had the best set up for training, the best trained dogs and the best prices.”

Officer Ronald Wedgeworth, Springhill, LA Police Department
“My Sheriff had bought and handled a previous dog from your competitor, he was very reluctant to buying from anybody else until we visited your facility.

We appreciate that your dogs were pre-trained in all aspects, it saved us a lot of man hours. I must admit, you guys put out a lot of information and practical exercises in your Handler’s Course.

There wasn’t any down time either. It was similar to, but tougher than the Police Academy.”

Deputy Donald Crispell, Stone County, AR Sheriff's Department

“Talking about customer service, I’m from the state of Maryland. We bought a dog from L.R. K-9 Academy, I drove 16 hours to attend the 2 week Handler’s Course. During the 2nd week, My dog “washed out.” Because of our specific request, there wasn’t anything in the kennel that would work for us. So, I had to drive back to Maryland without a dog.

3 weeks later, L.R. K-9 Academy paid for my round trip airfare and hotel accommodations to return to LR to train and certify with my new dog.

Corporal Rob Pinchak, Princess Anne, MD Police Department
“Although my Department didn’t buy my dog from you all, you all really helped me with the problems with my dog had as a result of the improper way that he was originally trained.

You guys fixed a lot of my dogs bad habits. I really enjoyed the 2 weeks I spent with you all. I will tell my Captain and anyone that ask, they should get their next dog from Little Rock K-9 Academy.”

Cpl. James Bott, St. Robert, MO Police Department