“Everything that one will need to implement or add to a narcotic detector dog program is offered at Little Rock K-9 Academy.”


Commonly referred to as “Drug Dogs,” narcotic detector dogs trained by Little Rock K-9 Academy are enthusiastic, energetic working dogs, that are trained to actively seek out the odor of illicit narcotics or firearms. Our dogs are positively reinforced by the presentation of a play toy such as a ball or towel tug. Upon detecting the desired odor, the dog is presented his toy and that creates a very exciting and positive experience for the dog. All of our dogs are trained in advance and are tested for certification before they are ready to sell.

Our dogs are trained to detect the following odors: Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine and optional odors such as: LSD, Ecstacy, Xanax and Firearms.

We train both Passive and Aggressive indicating dogs.

An extensive Detector Dog Handler’s Course is included with the purchase of each dog. The comprehensive handler’s courses include:

Performing Search Patterns

Case law and Courtroom Testimony

Obedience Exercises

Vehicle Searches (large and small)

Structure Searches (industrial and residential)

Luggage and Parcel Searches

K-9 First Aid and C.P.R.

Criminal and Highway Interdiction

Written and Practical Examinations