The canine you purchase form Little Rock K-9 Academy will be trained in advance in Obedience, trained in agility to enable him to surmount various obstacles such as walls, ditches, fences etc… The canine will be trained in Area Search; on and off lead in restrictive areas for the presence of humans.  He will be trained in Building Search to locate indoors or covered structures for the presence of humans.  The canine will be trained to track, follow the path of a human on foot on varying terrains and conditions.  He will protect his handler and himself from physical threat, will apprehend on command, release on command, and recall from pursuit on command. In addition, the canine will be trained to guard and escort prisoners.

Handlers will be well-versed on canine safety and health care, legal updates and considerations.  Handlers will be subjected to numerous survival techniques.


Little Rock K-9 Academy uses one of the toughest selection test in the industry.  Where many trainers administer only a handful of test, we will use our “21-area” selection test before selecting a dog.  We will visit or host as many suppliers as it takes to find the right dog for your Department.  Most importantly, none of the testing is at an extra cost to the department.  The desired goal is to find a sociable dog with the fewest number of “avoidance behaviors” mixed with the proper level of courage and the desired drives to perform as a police canine.  By selecting a dog without having to compromise a desired strait, it will insure the department is getting the most of their K-9 Team, Trainer and time.


Unfortunately, many believe the Police canine team is high in liability.  The truth of the matter is the canine is no greater a liability than any other tools a Police Officer might use.  As with all tools used by a police officer, it is inadequate training and lack of documentation that makes the use of that tool high in liability.


We keep down time to a minimum by keeping the training groups small (4 handler teams max) and by demanding the cooperation and teamwork from everyone.  We believe that training is a waste of time if it is not meaningful to the team engaged at the time.  We expect the most from each K-9 team at all times and the Handler MUST have control of their dog at all times…no matter the situation.


These formulas consist of a wide range of knowledge and training in all aspects of the Police K9; the training is supported by realistic, challenging and practical scenarios by Police Officers / Certified Instructors (not civilians).  It is also backed up by our Resulting Team with strict “Trend Setting” standards.