At the Little Rock K-9 Academy, we offer several formal obedience programs. Our programs range from basic obedience for pet owners. We offer advanced obedience training including hand signals and off leash control for law enforcement officers or competition dog handlers.

Our Basic Obedience Program is for dogs 4 months to 18 months old. Like people, dogs learn at different speeds.  At the Little Rock K-9 Academy, ALL our training sessions are private and indoors. This way of having a trainer work one on one with you and your dog, you will achieve the results you want at a pace which is right for the both of you.

At the Little Rock K-9 Academy we believe that all dogs want to please their owners. The biggest barrier is communication.  We teach you to effectively communicate with your dog by being an Alpha Pack Leader. The training theory and methods at the Little Rock K-9 Academy derives from the “Pack Theory”. In other words, we teach you how to communicate and train your dog as if he/she was with its pack leader or pack members. The core communications among dogs are Facial Expressions, Tone of Voice and Body Postures. This is our approach to training you with your dog, not with treats.

Our entry level Obedience Training Course is a (5) Week Course. All the training sessions are conducted only on Saturdays. Each training session is (1) hour in duration. We teach the Heel (walk properly on leash), Sit, Down, Stay and the Come commands. Our training sessions are conducted between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM.  If possible, each adult family member and mature children are encouraged to participate in the training process. If needed, a leash and training collar is included in the cost of our training program. Behavior problems such as jumping on people/furniture, chewing, digging and housebreaking can be discussed and modified during your obedience sessions.

The Little Rock K-9 Academy DOES NOT offer dog training or behavior problem solving with any of the following:

  • Dogs older than 18 months old.
  • Dog aggression toward their Owner(s), family members or other dogs.
  • Environmental Phobias such as: fearful behavior – with people, noises, thunderstorms and etc.
  • Personal Protection, Service Dogs or Search and Rescue.
  • We Don’t Sell Puppies.

Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment, and at the Little Rock K-9 Academy we want that commitment to be mutually rewarding for both you and your dog. Training your dog is an absolute necessity in being an Alpha Pack Leader, building a strong relationship, and makes a dog happy because they want to please. A trained dog is welcome almost everywhere and makes his family proud.

At least 50% of the course fee is due upon enrolling into obedience classes. The balance is due on or before your 3rd training session. We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards.

Call today (501-888-DAWG) for pricing and to enroll into our Basic Obedience Training Program.

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