Meet our staff

Tony Smith
Tony SmithOwner
Tony Smith is the Owner and Instructor of Little Rock K-9 Academy. Tony started Little Rock K-9 Academy in 1983. He attended University of Arkansas at Little Rock were he worked toward a B.S. in Psychology.

He is a Patrolman for the Shannon Hills Police Department. Since 1983 Tony as attended a variety of Schools and Seminars throughout the United States in training areas such as: Narcotic Detector Dogs, Tracking, Obedience, Patrol Dogs and also he has completed a seminar by the U.S. Border Patrol on K-9 selection testing, detector dog training and problem solving for Police Patrol and Narcotic Detector Dogs. From 1999 – 2008, Tony has organized and Judged the N.N.D.D.A. Spring Regional Narcotic Detector Dog Conference. Since 2005, Tony has teamed up Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training (St. Petersburg College in Florida) to present a variety advanced continuce training courses for the agencies that he has served. Tony also served on the Board of Directors for the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association for more than 5 years.

During his career, he has assisted several hundred K-9 teams with police service dog training, behavioral modification and certifications. Since 1985, Tony has trained more than 1000 Police Service Dogs for Law Enforcement Agencies around the world. Officer Smith has received meritorious awards from the Law Enforcement Agencies around the United States, Arkansas’ Secretary of State’s Office and Little Rock Police Department for his achievements and contributions in public service. Tony Specializes in producing superb quality Patrol and Narcotic Detector Dogs.

TONY SMITH’S DUTIES: Assisting with Customer Relations and Marketing, K-9 procurement (domestic and Imports), K-9 selection testing, patrol and narcotic imprinting and training, Assisting Instructors / Handlers with of all aspects of our Police Patrol and Narcotic Detector Dogs and Certification Standards.

“Little Rock K-9 Academy offers the BEST-PRICED package for Police Service Dogs…Guaranteed!!!”

Clay Smith
Clay SmithInstructor
Lt. Clay Smith is a former Canine Handler with over 12.5 years of handling and training experience. He worked three separate dual purpose Police K9’s. As a municipal K9 handler he was responsible for seizing over 9.5 million dollars worth of illegal narcotics and nearly a quarter of a million dollars in drug proceeds. Lt. Smith is currently assigned as a Support Division Lt. He has been a K9 handler, a SWAT operator, a patrol supervisor, a training sergeant, has been assigned to the narcotics division and has supervised his departments K9 Unit.

Clay is a certified Law Enforcement Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Taser Instructor, and has received extensive training in all aspects of K9 Obedience, Patrol and Narcotic Detector Dog training in addition to Search and Seizure, Criminal Interdiction, S.W.A.T., and High Risk Traffic Stops.

He has received extensive Drug Interdiction Training from the DEA, US Customs, Arkansas State Police, and Desert Snow. Clay has belonged to and certified with the North American Police Work Dog Association, the National Narcotics Detector Dog Association, and holds the following certifications and memberships:

State of Arkansas Police Certified Professional Instructor,
State of Arkansas Police K9 Certifying Official,
DrugBeat National Certifying Official,
DVG Schutzhund Trail Helper Level I,
PSA Certified Decoy
Professional Premium Member Association of Professional Dog Trainers-APDT,
Professional Member International Association of Canine Professionals-IACP.

Lt. Smith has been in Law Enforcement since 1998.

CLAY’S DUTIES: Introducing Vehicle and Structural search patterns for Narcotic Detector dog training, Obedience training, Tracking, Building search and Criminal apprehension training for Patrol dog Training, K-9 handler problem solving, Decoy training, K-9 supervisor training, and legal updates for narcotics and patrol K-9 Handlers.

In addition to Basic Handler Classes Sgt. Smith is available to teach specialized classes in K9 Supervision, Decoy Training, K9 Legal and Use of Force Updates, K9 Unit Training Seminars, Advanced Handler Classes, Trainer’s Classes, and Criminal Interdiction.

Tony Baugh
Tony BaughInstructor
Tony Baugh has been an Instructor at Little Rock K-9 Academy since 2003. Tony is a Canine Handler for the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office. Tony has received extensive training in all aspects of Obedience, Patrol and Narcotic Detector Dog training. Tony was recognized twice during his time at the Saline County Sheriff’s Office for “Deputy of the Month” and Deputy of the Year for 2004. He has completed courses in areas such as: High Risk Traffic Stops & Drug Interdiction, Collinsville, IL. Tony has been in Law Enforcement since 2000.

Tony and K-9 “King” were awarded: 1st place 2004 Arkansas Regional Narcotic Competition, 1st place 2004 A.B.N.A. Patrol Dog National Competition, 3rd place 2005 N.N.D.D.A. Patrol Dog Competition, 1st place (Regional Champion) N.N.D.D.A. Narcotic Dog Competition, 3rd place, 1st place 2005 Southern States’ Man Hunt Narcotic Competition, 3rd place 2005 (Regional Champion) N.N.D.D.A. Patrol Dog Competition, 12th place 2005 N.N.D.D.A. (National) Narcotic Dog Competition. He also attended the High Risk Criminal and Drug Interdiction Class in Collinsville Illinois. He has won the 2005 A.B.N.A. National Patrol Dog Competition.

TONY’S DUTIES: submitting all classes to Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards & Training, Assisting with introducing Vehicle and Structural search patterns for Narcotic Detector dog training, Obedience training, Tracking, Building search and Criminal apprehension training for Patrol dog Training, K-9 handler problem solving.